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Sir Shri Ashutosh Astrologer is one of the most famous astrologers near his acquaintances. He started his career nearly 40 years ago, and now he is very popular about his great prediction. If you are looking for best astrologer in Kolkata India hopefully you can trust us.

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Sir Shree Ashutosh Basak

Free Astrology Reprots Indian Vedic (NC Lahiri)

Paid Astrology Reprots & Services Indian Vedic (NC Lahiri)

astrology services

Full Horoscope Report

100/- Only
All Basic Details, Horoscope Charts, Planetary Details, Vimsottori Dasha, Char Dasha, Yogini Dasha, Kalsarpa Dasha, Sadesati Dasha, Mangolik Dasha, Pitro Dasha, Gemstones Remedies Suggestion, Rudraksha Remedies Suggestion, Sadesati Remedies Suggestion, Planet House Report, Planet Sign Report, Ascendant Report, Vinnastak Varga, Sarvastak Varga, PDF Downloading Option

Full Macthing Report

50/- Only
All Basic Details, Ashtokoot Details, Dashakoot Details, Mangalik Report, Vedh Dasha, PDF Downloading Option
astrology services

WhatsApp Consultation

300/- Only
Get all question answer according to your interest by giving your correct birth details

Mega Horoscope Report

Get Horoscope Mega Report 175+ Pages only @899/- to your Postal Address or @399/- by your WhatsApp No. in three Languages are available


Mega Marriage Matching Report

Get Marriage Matching Mega Report 25+ Pages only @299/- to your Postal Address or @199/- by your WhatsApp No. in three Languages are available

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